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Insulated and Laminated Glass with Functional Metal Insert

METALinGlass® is the BCE’s new innovative product that brings sophiticated and attractive look to facades and interiors.

BCE METALinGlass® combines the aesthetic value of metals with the performance of insulated glass and the security of laminated glass.

Application: Façade elements, curtain walls, room partitions, wall panels and other design elements for interior applications.



Insulating Glass with Expanded Metal Insert

The copper and aluminum expanded metal inserts are not only attractive elements of design but also ensure effective sun and glare-protection.

Any U-Value and G-Value is possible with Double or Tripple Glazed METALinGlass® panels with any Low-E coating. The heat insulation is excellent and the transmission values of the glass can be specifically adjusted to the requirements of your building project.


Laminated Glass with Metal Mesh

BCE METALinGlass®-MM Provide architects and designers endless design options for furniture components, separation walls, interior and facade applications. Light transmission from 25% to 60% is by possible by selecting from a list of hundreds different mesh options including the custom printed mesh designs.

METALinGlass® Benefits

- Provides improved thermal performance, reduces glare and adds a unique depth in façade design by utilizing the three-dimensional effects of fabri
- Can reduce heat loading and aggressive visual light transmission (VLT) potentially saving the building owners capital expenses in HVAC mechanical, exterior louver and possible interior shading systems
- Successful combination of privacy and p artial view
- Comfortable interior atmosphere through evenly diffused daylight
- Visibility as bird protection function
- Long-lasting, maintanance-free and easy to clean

METALinGlass® Capabilities

Below functions can be incorporated,

+ Laminated with any interlayer upto 80mm
+ Double / Tripple Glazed
+ Curved Glass
+ Thermal Tempered Glass
+ Chemically Tempered Glass
+ Low-E Coated Glass
+ Electrically Heated Glass
+ Intima Switchable LCD Glass
+ Printing and Etching
+ Any Edge Working
+ Armoured Security Glass

METALinGlass® dımensıons


Maximum Dimensions

larger sizes available upon request

METALinGlass® M

Maximum Dimensions

larger sizes available upon request

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