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Chemically Strengthened Glass

IonGard® Chemically strengthened glass is five to ten times stronger than ordinary glass and allows the use of larger windows without any storm shutters.

The difference of IonGard® is strength. Thanks to the superior flexural strength, BCE can offer stronger and lighter yacht glass panels in any dimensions.

Based on the windows dimensions, its position on the boat and the potential pressure against the window, defined by the shipyard, we are able to calculate the best glass composition and thickness necessary to comply with all requirements and marine standards.

Stronger & Lighter Yacht Windows

The process of chemical strengthening consists of submersing the glass for a given period of time in a special chemical bath at 460°C. During the submersion cycle, the chemical ions are exchanged with the sodium ions. The larger ions "wedge" their way into the voids in the surface of the glass created when the smaller sodium ions migrate to the special solution. This ion exchange locks the surface of the glass in a state of compression and the core in compensating tension. The resulting glass is strengthened.

• Improved impact resistance
• Improved flexural strength
• Improved scratch resistance
• Improved resistance to temperature changes
• Improved performance/weight ratio


In 2020, BCE installed the new IonGard® chemical strengthening plant. The new state of the art plant is called IonGard® and it is the largest in the world in terms of volume with the maximum processing dimensions of 7200 W x 3300 H x 2000 D mm.